Wonder Girls releases image teaser featuring Sunye, Yoobin and Hyelim

Set to be making their comeback on June 3rd, Wonder Girls unveiled another image teaser featuring members Sunye, Yoobin and Hyelim. On May 25th, the groups' official homepage and Facebook page was updated with an update saying, "The Wonder Girls invites you to the 'Wonder Party'. From Yubin & Sun & Lim."

The new photo follows the same format as Yenny and Sohee's photos and features Sunye, Yubin and Hyelim in a lighted background, suggesting a nightclub concept.

The Wonder Girls released second full-length album "Wonder World" in November last year and promoted their title track "Be My Baby."

What do you think of their teaser photos? Are you looking forward to their comeback?

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G.NA reveals "2HOT" dance practice video

G.NA began her comeback promotions for her new mini-album, "2HOT," this week and following her performance on Mnet M! Countdown, the female soloist has released her dance practice video for her title track.

She is seen in a brightly lit tan room and wearing white sneakers with jean shorts and a long black shirt. G.NA is accompanied by eight other female backup dancers as they practice the choreography for "2HOT."

How have you been enjoying her latest release so far?

Taetiseo wins 3rd K-Chart for "Twinkle" + comeback + other performances

For the May 25th episode of KBS Music Bank, viewers enjoyed the comeback stages for G.NA, Baek Jiyoung, B1A4 and Kim Johan. G.NA returned with her new title track off her 3rd mini-album, "2HOT," while Park Jiyoung (JYP, J.Y Park) with his track from his new album, "You're The One." B1A4 had released their repackaged album and has begun promoting the track, "Baby Good Night."

Music Bank Hot Stage performers for tonight included Taetiseo with "Twinkle," SISTAR with "Alone," Baek Jiyoung with "Good Boy," Infinite with "The Chaser" and A Pink with "Hush."

Other performers of the night included She'z, Sunny Days, December, Dalmatian, F.CUZ, VIXX, Gang Kiz, B.A.P, Sunny Hill, EXO-K, Hello Venus, JJ Project and Mighty Mouth.

Secret reveals jacket covers for upcoming Japanese single "Twinkle Twinkle"

Secret is set to release their 3rd Japanese single on June 13th titled, "Twinkle Twinkle," and has released the jacket photos for said single via their Japanese website on May 23rd.

Prior to its release, Secret's "Twinkle Twinkle" was chosen as the first ending theme song for the Naruto anime spin-off titled, "Naruto SD: Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals," which began airing on Tokyo TV in early April. The anime features the "Rock Lee version" of "Twinkle Twinkle."

In early May, Secret released the official music video for the original version.

Performances from the May 26th episode of Music Core!

Tonight on the 309th episode of Music Core, G.NA made her comeback with "Summer Stars" and her latest title track, "2HOT." B1A4 made their comeback on tonight's episode as well with their title track, "BABY GOOD NIGHT."

JYP Entertainment's new duo, JJ Project, performed their debut stage of "Bounce" on tonight's episode of Music Core. New boy group VIXX also performed their debut stage of "Super Hero" on tonight's episode.

Other artists that performed on tonight's episode of Music Core included Taetiseo, JYP, SISTAR, Sunny Hill, EXO-K, B.A.P, Dalmatian, Infinite, Mighty Mouth, Girl's Day, Hello Venus, Electroboyz, Baek Chungkang, Gang Kiz, and more.

Check out all of the performances from tonight's episode of Music Core, below! 

Daylight's "One To Ten" featured in miss A's Suzy's latest CF

Female rock soloist Daylight has released her latest single "One To Ten". Co-written by Daylight herself along with Lee Seungwook and Kang Yeongyeong and arranged by Japanese producer KEN, "One To Ten" has been featured on "Denmark Drinking Yogurt"'s latest commercials starring Suzy of miss A. The release of "One To Ten" marks Daylight's first physical release since "Autumn Fairy Tale" in November of 2010.

"One To Ten" is a midtempo R&B style track which features a melody carried by the piano and acoustic guitar. Use of electronic instruments is interspersed throughout the track, and Daylight showcases her vocal range through her light and airy vocals throughout the track. The lyrics describe the shyness experienced during a first kiss and the thrill of a first love.

Daylight's latest single includes not only the full track and the sixty second CF version, but also the instrumentals for both cuts.

Han Soa releases new single "No Other Boy"

After releasing her EP "Comes" earlier this year and performing the title track "Separate" on M! Countdown in April, female soloist Han Soa has returned with her latest single "No Other Boy." The release includes not only the track itself, but also the instrumental version of "No Other Boy."

"No Other Boy" is a smooth R&B track that showcases Han Soa's smooth vocals over a relaxing melody which creates a laid-back, lounge vibe. The track is described as containing the heart of a woman in a love song, which Han Soa's light and delicate vocals help to illustrate. In addition, the mixing of vocals to create harmony enhances the entire flow of the track.

G.NA Releases Her Comeback Music Video for "2HOT"

Along with the release of her comeback mini album Vol. 3 – BloomG.NA's  music video for her title track "2HOT" was also released today.

The overall concept of “2Hot,” as the title of the song implies, is supposed to be G.NA’s sexy and hot image. The song is produced by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Hyun Seung, and is reported to involve a lot of retro beats and rhythmic melody.

4minute performs their goodbye stage of "Volume Up" on Music Core

After teasing with a couple of MV previews, the ladies of 4minute have finally revealed their full music video and title track for “Volume Up“.

Performances from the May 19th episode of Music Core!

Tonight on the 308th episode of Music Core, JYP made his comeback with "Someone Else" and "You're the One." Baek Jiyoung performed her comeback stage of "Good Boy" featuring Junhyung as well. Dalmatian returned to the Music Core stage with "E.R." from their mini album, "State of Emergency." Infinite made their comeback on tonight's episode of Music Core as well with their ballad track "Only Tears" and their title track, "The Chaser."

Gang Kiz performed their debut stage of "Honey Honey" while 4minute and Norazo performed their goodbye stages of "Volume Up" and "Man's Woman" respectively. Sata Andagi performed their last live stage of "Racing" on tonight's episode of Music Core as well. 

JJ Project reveals full MV for "Bounce"

Just a little while ago, JJ Project's full music video for their first single "Bounce" was revealed through the group's Official YouTube account.

The single's title song is a mix of rock, Hip-hop, and Electronica, combined to fit a club song and give the group their own style.

JJ Project is composed of members Jr. and JB and initially made their debut through the drama series "Dream High 2."

The full single was digitally revealed around midnight KST May 20th. Along with a few other teasers, a teaser video was already revealed earlier this week.

What do you think of the full music video?

B1A4 releases fifth teaser featuring member Gongchan

For the past few days, B1A4 has been revealing video and image teasers for members Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, and CNU on their official homepage. Earlier today, the group has released their fifth teaser for their repackaged album featuring member Gongchan.

On May 18th, B1A4 updated their page with the fifth set of teasers featuring Gongchan’s concept images and a video message, following the same concept as the previously released videos.

B1A4 is set to release a repackaged version of their first full length album, “Ignition.” The digital album version will be released on May 24th, while physical albums will be available on May 29th.

SS501's Heo Youngsaeng reveals "Crying" video teaser

SS501's Heo Youngsaeng released his video teaser for "Crying" which will be included in his upcoming 2nd mini-album release. Previously, B2M Entertainment offically announced Youngsaeng's comeback and released the first batch of teaser photos and jacket cover. 

On May 18th, a video teaser was uploaded on B2M Entertainment's Youtube account and unveiled a glimpse of Youngsaeng's comeback concept, music video and new sound. Heo Youngsaeng is set to promote the title track "Crying" which will be medium tempo and pop/R&B genre. It is described to be a track about parting lovers through a man's point of view. 

Heo Youngsaeng is set to release his 2nd mini-album on May 22nd. What do you think of the video teaser?

KARA plays around with a camera while in a dressing room

On May 17th, KARA's Goo Hara tweeted photos of each member in turn.

The photos, taken in a dressing room, show them in black and gold stage outfits, striking a variety of poses for the camera.

Netizens commented, "They look good both up-close and from far away," "What a happy atmosphere," and "Han Seungyeon photobombing from behind is the cutest."

Meanwhile, KARA embarked on their twelve-city Japanese tour, which will see a total of a hundred and thirty thousand attendees in total.

Tiny G's Dohee is actress Park Boyoung's doppelganger?

Dohee of new four-member girl group Tiny G has caught netizens' attention for her resemblance of actress Park Boyoung.

Recently, a thread titled "Tiny G, Dohee! Looks exactly like Park Boyoung!" appeared on an online community. The photo that accompanied the thread shows Dohee in a white teeshirt and jeans, looking innocent with her lack of make-up.

Her cute v-pose and bright expressions was reminiscent of actress Park Boyoung.

Netizens commented, "Are you Park Boyoung's sister?" and "Park Boyoung's doppelganger".

Tiny G will be debuting in the first half of this year. The group has already released one track, "Polaris," with the help of Jay Park and Lee Siyoung earlier this month for the MBC show, "Music and Lyrics."